Sunday, June 7, 2009


While you are in Wellington, you have an opportunity to see New Zealand's rarest wildlife in its natural environment by visiting The Karory Sanctuary. It's located just ten minutes from Central Wellington. You can reach the place by car or by bus.

In my opinion, bus is the cheapest choice. with only five dollars New Zealand, we can buy day tripper ticket. Day tripper ticket is designed to give us freedom to go around Wellington by using only one ticket. We are able to catch bus or get off in every bus station just by showing the ticket to the driver. Ticket is available at the bus. Tell the bus driver that you want to buy day tripper ticket then pay five dollars.

Anyway, if you want to see the New Zealand National Mascot, the Kiwi, in their wildlife, the Karory sanctuary is the right place to visit. Tour provide us encounters with birds and reptiles normally just found on offshore islands. Walking track include a cruise accross the lower lake and chance to see the Tuatara, New Zealand's living dinosaur. The best time to do the tour is when darkness has settled. If we are lucky, we can see the Kiwi. I suggest don't make a noise that can make the animals run while you do the tour.

There are different prices between day and night tours. Day tour is only $14 New Zealand, but the night tour is more expensive at NZ$ 60 (guided tour). For further information, you can visit the Karory Sanctuary Experience ZELANDIA website (click here).